Friday, February 10, 2012

Mystery of the Peeping Toms and other idiots

My next post was going to be about my 5 years in Ericsson. But seems like that has to wait. I just cannot help but write about all those Facebook pests putting up idiotic posts(yeah yeah, I block them, so if you authored one of those posts, please don’t argue with “if you don’t wanna see it, ignore it”.).

Nehru-Gandhi Bashing: Just as I log in, on my wall are 3 posts about the Nehru-Gandhi family. I sure am no supporter of dynasty rules, but why is everyone so f**king bothered about Sonia's heels, Priyanka's clothes, Rahul's girlfriend/lack of it, Nehru's affairs.. what the hell!!!

It is one thing to be a socially and politically aware responsible citizen. It is nothing short of 'peeping tom' behavior to be so bothered by such personal things. If you are so socially conscious, why pay that bribe to register your new house? Why does Tamil Nadu alternate between just 2 chief ministers? Why did Lok Paritran not win?

Religious posts: Do I want to see your pictures of Navarathri. Yes. Pictures of your family in Tirupathi. Yeah why not. Wedding pics. Oh yeah. You want to write about your Amarnath Yatra adventures. Heck yeah, bring it on!

But shout out to the world about your religious affiliations, beliefs, prayers, preaching. That, no thanks! Bashing another religion (claiming Taj Mahal was a temple), no way, not on my wall – get lost!

Click to win posts: This one goes like this: If you click on this link, you win 1 million $. Seriously, then why isn’t even of one of you in my friends list a multi-millionaire?

Graphic descriptions of terrifying non-existent/imagined .diseases: Is that for dhrishti pariharam on fb? ;-)

Spreading false rumors: A woman gives birth to 20 babies? Reese Witherspoon passes off as young Sonia? Seriously? Since you can read English: there is a search Engine called Google. You can establish whether the post, that you so feel like posting, is really truth or simple myth/hoax. Well I don’t have a big problem with this. It is you who comes out looking like a fool.

Motivational quotes: Grow up! Get a life!

Posting pictures of unknown pretty women: Single largest reason why girls remove people from our friends list. Like that guy I know who posted a picture of a girl he dint know – a normal girl – simply because she was too pretty and held a beer can: He was out of my friends list in a split second. To explain more on thed this topic itself is in an insult to womanhood. If you really think this isn’t all that bad – well, poor you, even the psychiatrist cannot help you.

Well so this is my list of post categories that I deeply hate and I notice people around me: colleagues, friends, family all share my view. Maybe I am just surrounded by smart people! ;-)

These are my kind of posts: People, what goes on in their life, pictures, arts, history, science, technology, quirky facts, original writing..etc. ? I know a lot of you out there reading this, hate posts of my kind. But who cares? This is my blog. :-D


  1. bingo! i absolutely hate those graphic descriptions with images of children with cancer, accident victims with broken limbs - i don't mean to be crass - but pls don't throw such images on my face - I not only hide the story but also make sure to change my subscription for the person to "only important updates". BTW, the latest on the hate list is so and so is missing - the child/person is long found and we go on re-posting! haa!

  2. haha exactly! And i am going to try that restricting subscription to only imp updates! dint know i cud do that!