Monday, July 18, 2011

Mylapore Misadventures

Mylapore has been my 'enga area' for close to 15 years now. I always took pride in the fact that I could walk alone at even 10.30, 11.00 PM and not feel even remotely uncomfortable about my safety. Little did I know that times have changed and that there is grave danger posed by anti social elements lurking in those calm tree lined streets.

With my hubby travelling for business, I moved into my parents for a month. I signed up for swimming. It all started fine, I was walking back home at 9PM, dressed in exercise clothes and walking in a mild drizzle. Everything looked fine, the neon lights that have replaced the dark bungalows of RK Salai, swanky cars and beach goers returning home. I felt so good about Chennai. Here I was, wearing fitted clothes and walking alone and still feeling safe and secure. It felt so great that I caught myself humming tunes and looking up at the sky and smiling.

About the time I was starting to feel weary I reached the end of my street and smiled at those some beautiful and some quirky houses. What all people can do in the name of Vastu! As I was approaching my apartment, I noticed the hot engineering college kid from next block standing around with his equally hot friends and the cool bikes. Nice. I walked past them and smiled about their Bessie plans in the making.

And then, out of nowhere came the two monsters. In an instant, they started circling me viciously, as if zeroing in on their prey. The constant smile that I had simply froze and I could feel the panic flush through me. I tried a meek 'Shoo shoo po po' as they came too close for my comfort. My menacing tormentors refused to give up. And then started the fierce 'ggrrrrring'. I shrieked, screamed, yelled and worst of all just froze there! And the engineering kids, watched totally amused, surely having the time of their lives! And to add to my ignominy the devils refused to budge and started 'ggrrrring' even more! And I started screaming in a even more high pitched voice. I am sure it probably matched high pitched laughter of those kids. Then came my saviour, the lazy fat watchman from next door, my knight in the shining armour for that split second. He deftly shooed away the menacing tormentors, a couple of street dogs, with his stick and saved my life. But not my pride.

So while the roads of Chennai and all other dark streets remain safe for me till date, walking the last segment of my street requires an escort with a weapon (my near blind watchman with his stick waits for me at the end of the street).

Note: Apologies to the animal lovers. I do hate these 2 dogs. They have a new litter with super cute pups which is the reason for their aggression. We do not want to call blue cross until the pups are a little bigger.

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