Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tell your son..

Guwahati Express used to be the only thing I associated with the city.  Maybe I will learn a lot more about the city in future but I am sure the recent molestation incident is something that will make me cringe and shudder for a long time to come.

The first time I caught some news item on it I just left the room in a hurry - it was too much to bear. Maybe I was in denial. Then some of my friends started to discuss the incident at lunch break and this time I heard it out. Since then I have read blogs, articles and new items on this and it still creeps me out. I feel so angry in a helpless way. I can't just imagining how crushed and defeated the victim would have felt when she underwent the ordeal. Think about it, after being stripped, she ran to different people all over the place begging for help. I can't just get the incident out of my head and each time I remember it, I want to just hug my knees and crawl to a corner and shut my eyes to the world. Injustice to women happens all the time in this wretched country but this one has left me quite traumatized. I keep thinking over and over again, this could have been me. As painful as it seems, like lot of similar issues, this news would become stale in a few days and the girl and her family would be left to fend for themselves.

We always seem to say great things about "Indian culture" and how bad "western influence" is.  I don't think there is a dumber thing than this one that unites Indian thinking. Next time I hear someone say this, I am surely going to pounce on them - verbally of course.

All those of you reading this, please please please teach your little boy that he has no right to touch a woman without her permission. I wonder what it is about this country that makes us teach our girls to be cautious but we cannot teach our little boys to not rape/molest. And all you mommies and daddies of little boys, please read this: http://thelocalteaparty.com/post/27192073244