Thursday, September 6, 2012


Sometimes some of us go through a phase where change is looming large but the wait is extended. Some of you can probably identify with it - I am feeling slightly lost with certain aspects of life (no its not sadness, its more like confusion), a phase where I am always sensing some impending change, probably I desire it or it is some lurking fear of stagnancy. So I constantly have this urge to go crazy. And believe me, I have mostly been Ms goody two shoes so it is surprising that doing crazy stuff is actually so satisfying. And now don't imagine really crazy stuff, its just crazy for my standards.

So the other day I was thinking I wanted to get a tattoo. A big colorful eagle or something like that. Then I got scared of the pain so decided maybe something small to start with. I wanted something I really believed in, to be tattooed in Devanagiri script. And I ended up with one of my favorite phrases that always gave me the goosebumps: Satyameva Jayate. But after the TV program of the same name I decided it would be too clich├ęd a tattoo. By then my poor hubby was freaking out and I was also worried if the tattoo would mess up with the xrays/MRIs/CT for my back problem. So I decided I do something less crazy and got my hair cut really short. So far so good and my hubby was happy. Then I declared I wanted to get my nose pierced. My MIL was thrilled (she probably thought I was finally becoming traditional ;-) ) and my parents brushed it off as though I getting a new pair of jeans.
So here is the result:

And did I tell you my poor hubby was against this but had to take me to the Achari anyway? And he was furious after seeing me turn pink at the piercing. He said, "thats it, no more needles on you". But I am sure he knows I will come home with the tattoo someday :-D

And I almost forgot, so inspired was my niece by my mookuthi that she started going around with a sticker bindi stuck to her nose ;-)


  1. :) nice! i can totally identify with the sudden urges to do something different out of the blue while being perfectly sane (yes, I consider myself that :D). I think the nose pin looks cool on you. I had wanted to get one, but somehow I felt it would never suit me plus the pricks and the pains and the after care would wear me down! ditto for tattoos!

    1. Thanks! Glad to know that I am not the only one getting the urge to do something different :-)
      The pain wasn't much actually at the time of piercing. But the aftercare, yeah it needed quite a bit of patience.

  2. hahahaha.. nice one.. laughs in between at the right line of paragraphs.. nice