Thursday, March 8, 2012

Remember sister..

To all my female colleagues - past and present.

We work/have worked with a company that values women as equal to men.
Still, those occasional weird things happen and some rotten idiots ruin our happiness at work.
A few words from me to each of you beautiful women..

Remember sister..

If a colleague stares at you all day,
Or if he cannot look at your face when he talks to you,
if he thinks your chest is your face,
Remember sister, it is not normal, and you did not invite it.

If he pings you on chat for no reason,
and if he refuses to speak to you in person,
and always insists on talking on the sly,
Remember sister, it is not normal, and you did not invite it.

if he insists that he just wants to be your friend,
or if he cannot take your rejection gracefully,
If he demands you like him back,
Remember sister, it is not normal, and you did not invite it.

Or if your boss criticizes your work for no reason,
If he gives you the work that everyone rejects,
if he claims girls are good only at documenting,
Remember sister, it is not normal, and you did not invite it.

If you are smart, be openly so,
You don’t have to be nice to jerks, just to be accepted,
Hold your head high and be yourself
because sister, those who expect otherwise are not worth your time.

It is not because you very outgoing, warm and smiley,
it is not because of your fashionable clothes,
that those jerks think you are 'loose',
It is not your fault sister, it is his perverted mind.

Don't feel bad, don’t feel sad,
Don't think you could have dressed or spoken differently,
Don't think you were too nice or not nice enough,
It wasn't you sister, you did not ask for it.

Don’t bend sister, and don’t ever break,
Don’t run away, don’t just ignore it,
Stand up and say your NO out loud,
For your silence only empowers him.

Remember sister, it is NOT NORMAL, and you did not invite it.


(Its not meant to be a poem exactly.. just my angry ramblings.. written spontaneously.)

And to my friends and cousins, who panic with each post of mine and call me to check if I am ok: relax. None of this happened to me! Guess i don't seem so vulnerable or because Gopi and I have always worked in the same company :-D


  1. Replies
    1. Thx! I just get so angry when these stuff happen and girls handle it so naively..

  2. Wonderful! I cannot tolerate it when girls think they have to tolerate crap just because they want to be accepted or appear as a 'good girl'.

    1. Exactly.. the good girl syndrome.. to want to fit in with the guys.. yuck! i hate that!